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Personal Development Topics

Time Management and Prioritization: If you allowed some of your people to work 24 hours per day, they still won't have enough time. It is amazing that time management and prioritization continues to be a challenge at all levels of individual contributor and management. To make matters worse, this leads to stress, burnout etc. Not getting a handle on this will affect your productivity at work and at home. We delve into different tips and techniques that will allow you to maximize the amount of time dedicated to work every day. Like Covey said, if time is an are the pilot. 

Conflict Management: There is a productive amount of conflict that is necessary in the work place to ensure that diversity of thought and experience are being utilized. What could be toxic, is prolonged unproductive conflict. In the workplace, it simply gets in the way of production. We can all agree that problems don't age well. Here, we talk through conflict management, specifically the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI).  Everyone has a natural tendency in dealing with conflict. No tendency is a magic wand and they all have their blind spots. Let's K.I.S.S your conflict management approach.


Emotions in the Workplace: Have you ever said or done something in the workplace that you later regretted? If so, congratulations, you are a human being. Unfortunately, the impact of that outburst may be long lasting, negative and career defining. Success in life is not strictly due to how smart you are, it is largely dependent on your ability to demonstrate emotional intelligence. In this conversation, you get to assess your emotional intelligence as well as construct a road map to be better.  

Leveraging your strengths: Is it possible that in your quest to "fix" your weaknesses, you have diluted your strength from a lack of focus and utilization? We utilize Gallup's Strengths Finder, which helps identify your top 34 unique talents. We delve into how you are currently leveraging (or not) these strengths to reach your full potential.

One on One Coaching: Behind every successful individual athlete/performer is a coach. Who have you involved to help you maximize your potential? We offer individual executive level coaching. We will tailor to your schedule and preferred medium of engagement.

All of the above sessions are foundational for New Manager. Any and all topics can be included in our virtual and in-person Leadership sessions.


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