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Team Development Topics

Stages of Team Development: Talent alone is not enough to make a team a great one. We utilize the Bruce Tuckman 4 stages of team development to assist you with doing all in your control to maximize the talented individuals that you have. 

Attributes of a High Performing Team: In our world, a high performing team is one that "wins" a lot and does it the right way. This topic gets into some of the attributes that helps and hinders the performance of your team. In our role as a management consulting firm, we offer solutions that may help get your team to a highly performing one or helps keep them there. 

Diversity and Inclusion: Diversity goes way beyond the inherent attributes that we are born with or into, i.e religion, race, sexuality etc. It is, just as importantly, acquired diversity like schooling, experience, etc. Unfortunately, regardless of your intentions, we all have biases (assumptions) that potentially gets in the way of fully leveraging every single employee. If you equate diversity and inclusion to talent, this topic is about acquiring, keeping and utilizing different talented individuals in the work place.

Resiliency/Stress Management: Do your people go home and complain about you, company, their job? These complaints will happen, but should be an exception. Stress is constant in today's highly demanding work environment. What is also constant is the fact that most companies/leaders are reactive when it comes to stress management. At that point, it's too late. Mistakes have been made, customers have been treated poorly and employee have taken sick days or perhaps quit. This workshop helps you get in front of it. We share tips and techniques that will make the predictable "rainy' days in the workplace more tolerant.

Leveraging Multi-Generations: There now five generations in the workplace. Naturally, this presents some challenges. This topic dives quickly into leveraging the commonalities between each generation to maximize the talent that you have.


 Team Activities: Are you having a team offsite, perhaps a meeting? We offer numerous fun activities/games that also serve as a great reflection of the team that you have or want to have. We can tailor to your workplace, culture etc.

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