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Our Process & Services

Our approach to development is simple and extremely efficient. That is, we want to K.I.S.S you. We take a 4 pronged approach with clients.


  • Keep: You most likely are doing a lot of things right. We will assist in adding some structure/awareness that will enable you to keep doing what is currently working

  • Improve: Our next approach is to tweak some things that are not working as intended. After all, insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.


  • Start: We will share an array of different development tools with you that will enable you to try new things.

  • Stop: Regardless your intentions, there are things that we do that may have a negative impact. We will help highlight some of those as well.

We bring this all together via a 70/20/10 learning model. The richest learning development is achieved through a mix of Experiential, Social and Formal Learning. All of our sessions are designed to leverage this model. We offer a variety of services to all of our clients (big or small), customized to fit their specific needs. Listed below are some of the general workshops at your disposal. We can come to you, you to us and/or offer virtual options.

Team Development

Team development training

Stages of Team Development
Attributes of High Performing Team
Diversity & Inclusion
Resiliency/Stress Management 
Leveraging Multi-Generations
Numerous Team Reflection Activities

Leadership Development

Leadership training

Transition into Management 

Leadership Attributes

Diagnosing and Matching Leadership Styles

Emotions in the Workplace (Cause and Effect)

Leading Through Change

Challenging Conversations

Interviewing Basics

Managing different generations

Feedback and/or Coaching

Motivation and Engagement

Performance Management

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