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The Magic Wand: Trust

There is NO magic wand in the workplace. People are people. Mistakes will be made, emotions will run high, engagement levels will fluctuate etc. What if people had Trust in their boss? They know that their boss will always have their back and will sacrifice themselves for their people. What would you do for such a boss? Would you work harder for them? Would you give them the benefit of the doubt? Would you take and implement their feedback? Would you go through the proverbial wall for them? Yes, yes, yes and yes. This level of trust takes time to build and can be damaged quicker.

I once worked for a boss that told me that” I would become her manager someday and she wanted to prepare me for that day”. Of more importance, her actions matched her words. I recall her taking me to a meeting with her boss and him saying “she must think highly of you to bring you here”. As you can imagine, I worked extremely hard for her and learned so much about leading people. The question is, what are you doing to earn this level of trust in your people? What have you seen and/or experienced counter to developing trust?

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