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DECENCY: Doesn't take that much

A buddy of mine recently shared a nugget from his father…. it’s easy to be an asshole.

That phrase was front and center when I took attached picture. Whilst people walked all the way from the back of plane to have their carryon luggage tagged (lack of overhead bin space), the couple across from me comfortably had their jackets stowed above. This was even more glaring to me as my family uncomfortably held unto ours to ensure we didn’t take up needed bin space.

I try not to judge people and don’t really know the couple’s personal situation.

However, I consistently observe an egregious lack of decency in our society. I experience it on the roads, both cars and pedestrians. I experience in pretty much all work of life. Too many people are taking the easy route. A route of selfishness, lack of awareness, and general disregard for the wellbeing of next person.

My 10-year-old knows to hustle across the street when car(s) stop for her. We taught her that it’s a way to say thank you and acknowledge the person(s) that stopped for her.

Put a little work in towards decency. Our world will be better for it



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