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Labeling is not conducive to a Solution

I sometimes over analyze things and often contemplate for far too long before I dive into it. Do I sometimes procrastinate? Absolutely! Label me a procrastinator and you have a “battle” on your hands.

Karen, Cancel Culture, Thugs, Liberal, Conservative, Defunding etc. Utilize these words in a way in describing a person/situation and, more times than not, they will get defensive. In short, you just minimized the chances of a positive resolution if in a challenging situation.

If you genuinely want to engage in a meaningful dialogue that will lead to an improvement, eliminate labeling people/situations. Dialogues are not about right or wrong, they are about understanding each other’s’ perspective and possibly finding a more common ground going forward. Labeling/accusations, no matter if 100% accurate, will only get in the way.

Not sure exactly why we tend to label. I suspect, it is partly because we are lazy. But then, that would be labeling and counter to my point… 😊

In life or the workplace, a path to resolving conflict is a lot smoother sans the labels and/or accusations.

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