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Promotion Blind Spot

According to research by CEB, 60% of first-time managers fail within the first 24 months of their new positions. There are manner factors behind this issue. I once worked with a successful colleague that wanted to become a VP at an old firm. “You have to be a manager of others to get that title” he was told. Despite zero interest in managing others, he went that route because the title was more important to him. To make his journey into management even more arduous, he was not given the support needed for a first-time manager of others. He failed as a manager and ultimately ended up leaving the firm, a loss of talent, negative impact to the bottom line and unintended impact to his team to name a few.

IMO, the workplace has this blind spot of not having a path/plan with career advancement for successful individual contributors that have no managerial aspirations. If you are going to “force” these folks into management, at least give them a better chance of success by providing formal ongoing training and support.


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